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Lhamana were male-bodied but performed primarily feminine tasks, wearing a mixture of women's and men's clothing and doing a great deal of women's work as well as serving as mediators.

We'wha was born in 1849 in New Mexico as a member of the Zuni tribe.

Girls would call their other brothers and sisters hanni and the boys would use the word suwe.

We'Wha may have used the word hanni which was a word reserved for young girls (Roscoe, 1991, p. We'wha may have also dressed differently than the other boys, not wearing trousers, instead wearing a long shirt that hung down like a dress.

Some members of We'wha's tribe then moved into the abandoned Zuni lands of Nutria and Pescado, and became farmers including We'wha and her adopted family (Roscoe, 1991, p. There We'wha held the occupation of farmer, meaning that she was doing a male occupation while her family lived in this area.

In the 1870s We'wha was feeling at home with her adoptive family on the new farm.

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