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I was under the care of a neurologist as well as my family doctor. My driver’s license was taken from me and I was unable to drive. In March of 2018, my doctor was prepared to write a letter to Lifetime indicating that I could return to Lifetime on a limited basis. When I brought the note to the Lifetime representative in Rochester Hills, I was flabbergasted by her response.First, she told me that I did not need a note from the doctor, that I could just come back.

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Today, Lifetime Fitness operates 105 health clubs in 8 states: Minnesota, Illinois, Michigan, Texas, Ohio, Arizona, Indiana and Virginia.He knew every part of the business and believed that he could provide better customer service, and offer services that everyone in the family would enjoy, including bright, clean swimming pools and a variety of classes.Lifetime Fitness was founded in 1992, with the first club was located in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. A year later, another location opened in Woodbury, MN.In addition, if I would be able to prove that I was under doctor’s care during my leave, I could use the money accrued in the account to pay future dues.I was told to bring the doctor’s verification once the doctor had determined that I could return. A year later, I was still not able to get well enough to return to Lifetime.In the educational world, notes from either a doctor or from a parent/guardian are mandatory for a student who has been absent for more than 3 days to return to school. In addition, during my absence, Lifetime instituted a ” status ” level.While the dues stayed the same, I was now responsible for increases to my club status.Within a year, he was the top salesperson and within 3 years, he became a partner with Nautilus.By 1986, Akradi decided to create his own health club.This action would protect me should there be an increase in club dues during the time that I was on leave.As the club was clearly gaining in popularity, this made perfect sense to me.

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