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Hunt collected the conversations at Girls Who Date Computers, which he describes on the site as "A fake Ok Cupid profile ...created to see if anyone could ever talk to and fall in love with The conversations tend to follow a few scripts. In this thorough and troubling crime story, Patrick Radden Keefe examines the life of Amy Bishop, who killed six of her colleagues in a mass shooting, and 25 years ago, may have killed her brother, too. This widely celebrated story by Ian Parker complicated the popular notion of the bonobo, a type of chimpanzee that had been hailed for its supposedly peaceful, sex-loving disposition. Atul Gawande probes the fascinating medical mystery of a woman whose puzzling itch caused her to scratch all the way through to her brain. Translated from Japanese, this essay by Haruki Murakami chronicles the parallels between a career as a novelist and a passion for running. PERSONAL ESSAYS “The Running Novelist,” June 9, 2008. Ariel Levy’s candid personal account of her brief but life-altering experience with motherhood is devastating. Ruth Margalit tenderly captures her experience of grief after losing her mother to cancer, detailing the unexpected ways in which it unfolded. In fact, the only signs of life on the profile were cheeky references to an interest in artificial intelligence and robotics.Messages started pouring in to the fake man's mailbox.Atul Gawande provides a groundbreaking examination into whether solitary confinement in the United States constitutes torture. George Packer offers a sobering take on the staggering dysfunction and obstructionist theatrics that prevent progress in the United States Senate.

He wasn't even sure if they were paying attention to his written responses."I was thinking: They don't care," said Hunt.

The results were startling — at times hilarious, at times poignant — and Hunt, who had been uploading them to a private Tumblr, told his bosses, including Steve Stoute, the record executive.

They encouraged Hunt not just to keep going, but to make his project public.

And what would that say about the state of online dating in New York?

In early July, Hunt, who works as a creative technologist at the ad firm Translation, started his project.

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  1. It's always challenging trying to find someone who shares similar interests and values, and in big cities, finding someone special can be a lot easier when you take your search online.