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I think Los Angeles alone has at least 100 models with 500k followers on IG - I should make a list of them. - Who hit the button: "Escalator to hell - fuck that looks scary AF! - I like cats (but prefer dogs) - but damn that's a big-ass kitty. - Mean, but a bit funny dude gets slapped by an oncoming train - haha!

Alyssa Arce is a IG model with half a million follower - so nothing too special here. - Trailer starts to swing all over the road - luckily this guy doesn't suck at driving!

This is a webcam preview application that tests if Windows has successfully been able to install your Eye Toy as a webcam – just open it and click on ‘preview’.

But what I do like is the fact, that Halloween is the one season of the year where it is socially accpeted that women dress like total sluts and it's all fine.

- I think it was the right choice to delay the opening of this water park.

- Imagine you're in the woods and walk past this bush.

Last 10 Saturday Babes updates: DCCXVIII -- DCCXIX -- DCCXX -- DCCXXI -- DCCXXII -- DCCXXIII -- DCCXXIV -- DCCXXV -- DCCXXVI -- DCCXXVII I wish you all a great Saturday.

No talking just the finest links: - Exclusive footage for fans.

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