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Now at Enso Meditation Society, Sean wishes to start a new type of living standard for all to live by.

America Center & Website: The Wakened Alder Description: “Understanding Life’s Path” – a site not complete yet but visible.Several years later Geshe Thardo passed away causing Sean to have to make serious decisions about where the path would lead next.Giving this gift to others was the only sensible choice.Email: [email protected] Yoga and Meditation Center: Mailing Address: 16 Dome Hill Peak, Caterham, Surrey CR3 6EH ENGLAND.Description: I will be teaching meditation classes in Dorking, Surrey; Caterham, Surrey; and I teach meditation and yoga one-to-one. Mailing Address: Healing Souls Ministry and One Spirit Ministry 4701 Briarpark Drive Lincoln, NE 68516 Phone: 402-761-3239 Email: [email protected] and Wellness Center: A Swedish site about breathing, meditation and intuition.Happier minds makes happier people, happier people makes happier families, happier families makes happier communities, and happier communities can make a happier world. Description: My website is about TCM with an emphasizes on Tuina massage, which is an important branch of chinese medicine.Enso Meditation Society is non sectarian multi-denominational group. Being a therapist,my website gives alot of information about various health conditions and how chinese medicine can help in treating such conditions.Email: Essential [email protected] in Nutrition-Weight Loss-Fitness. Email: My [email protected]: [email protected] Address: Flat 1, 272 Ladbroke Grove, London W10 5LP Phone# 079 0206 2621 (London, UK) Website: This website is about various styles of Yoga and includes all the information about Elite Yoga Classes.Also gives you access to free Yoga and Pilates videos, Yogi’s Forum and allows you to purchase DVD’s, e-books and yoga gadgets.Thirsty for more knowledge of these great techniques, Sean set out to find a qualified teacher. Geshe Thardo proved to be a greatly compassionate person and held more wisdom than the salt in the ocean, this match was meant to be.Finding Geshe Jampel Thardo a Tibetan Buddhist monk sent to the United States by H. Learning a staggering amount in a matter of a several years under his teacher’s direction Sean was ordained a Buddhist by Geshe Thardo in the Gelug-pa tradition.

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