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Your child might fall asleep easily but the movement prevents her brain from going into a deep sleep.

Therefore, the nap would not be as restorative as she was having it in her crib.

If the baby is a 2 nap/day baby, then you keep him or her up for about 3 hours.

If your lo isn't used to staying up that long, you gradually extend the awake time before nap by 15 minutes every 2 days.

If he's wide awake after 15 without fluttering eyelids, we give in and pick him up. Also depending on how many naps your lo takes, that determines how long you want to keep him or her up between naps.

If after the full 20 minutes when he did have fluttering eyelids, he's still wide awake, then again we give in. For example, if that baby takes 3 naps a day, then 2 hours is how long to keep him or her up.

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SYou may get the feeling, “one nap is not enough and two is too many.” Don’t worry – this is normal!Based on the above criteria, you can already get a good idea if your toddler is ready to take only one nap a day.If the signs point that it is time for this nap transition, try the following tips for a smooth change of her routine: The transition period from two naps to one may take up to three weeks – so be patient and remain consistent! She usually takes a nap every 3 hours (so usually 2-3 naps a day) and they are usually an hour and a half long. She just kinda does it on her own once she tells us she is tired. We were actually taught to extend the naps when they're less than an hour by doing shh pat. He figured out this routine on his own, I just follow his cues.Often, the quality of the naps begins to suffer, either because it becomes hard for her to fall asleep, or she wakes up early.Some toddlers continue to sleep hard during their a.m.Also, start the nap transition at an ideal time, i.e.when you do not expect any other changes in her routine for the next 3 weeks.Chances are, by the time your baby is a year old, you’ve finally settled into a comfortable rhythm of a morning and afternoon nap.But for most toddlers, somewhere between the first birthday and the second, that second nap disappears.

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